Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finding Something New....

Someone mentioned to me that they were going to Buffalo, then heading to Niagara Falls to take photos, but said it was hard to get a shot that no one else has done.

This is what I do...Ü

Let say we are going for waterfalls...
  1. I would get as many shots as I can even if they were very common shots
  2. I walk around & try different positions & angles.
  3. Try wide angle & closeups
  4. The time of day is also a major factor. So consider early morning,or evening shots.
  5. Night shots with interesting lighting(Niagara Falls)
  6. Adding something in the foreground like ...people, bridges, grass or rocks. Try EVERYTHING!
Here are some examples of a small local waterfall found on walking trails near the Bronx River Parkway, in Scarsdale NY.

Bronx River

This one is my favorite. I used the texture & pattern in the rock in the foreground to pull your eye inward towards the waterfall.


Vicki said...

Marie, that last photo is GREAT! I love the way the rocks create leading lines pointing to the waterfall. Great shooting...WOW!

Vicki said... the way...great advice, too!

Stever said...

Awesome shots and really great advice too! Thanks!

Julie said...

Great shots and great tips. I always love waterfalls

Stever said...

This really is an awesome site, thanks for sharing the knowledge and spending some serious time without anything padding the old bank accounts!

sunflowerkat said...

Terrific advice. I think waterfalls is something everyone is drawn to as a photographer. Once again that old devil "exposure" become a problem, but you did a beautiful job on these.

I would love to do some waterfall photography. But as you know, waterfalls are hardly a dime a dozen out here on LI.


Helen said...

Those are great pictures. Thanks for sharing them and your advice. Helen