Thursday, May 14, 2009

Community Photo Challenge-A Photo Story

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Our Photo Story Challenge starts today & ends on Thursday May, 21st. You have a week to post on your blog a 3-5 image Photo Story. Come back here & add your link in the comment section of this post.. Please follow Guidelines.
The post below shows an example & 2 links to show more samples of a Photo Story.

If you do not have a photo software editing program & cannot display them on one document, you can post them all in one entry. They can be anywhere from 3 to 5 images for your Photo Story.
Add some information &/or location of your photo story.


sunflowerkat said...

I have my story posted. Sorry, I used a few more images than specified....ooops.

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

Mine is up. I went over by one photo too - sorry!

Nancy said...

Ok, I played! Not my best photos by any means, but fun anyway.


D said...

okie dokie.. here is mine :)

My Photo Story

_rRose said...

Photo Story Posted -




Jeannette said...

I've just done mine Marie now let's see if I can remember how to do the link! It's here Jeannette xx

Maria said...

Hi, is the link to my entry: ...I've forgotten how to do the link for it in comments...but I'll look it up for next time...:) Maria.

Maria's Making Noise said...

Hi, again..I tried the link using Krissy's example!

Vicki said...

Can't believe it but I'm early again (meaning before Thursday night!). Anyway, here's my entry:
Sandy Hook Views

Far Side of Fifty Photos said...

Here is my photo story! Thanks for all you do Marie! It was a fun waltz through my archives to put this one together!
Far Side of Fifty Photos
here is the link ..just in case clicking on my name doesn't get you there:)

nancy said...

Hi Marie, I am sorry I'm a day late. I hope it'll get through. Here is my challenge. If its doesn't goes through at least its got a story.

Anonymous said...
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