Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We're going to continue to run the challenge the same way it ran in our last home. Our panel will select a number of photos to be voted on by all our readers. A poll will be created so that folks can vote for their favorites. The number of entries that are included in the poll will depend on how many entries we have...and is subject to change.

PLEASE, only one vote per person...Ü

Guidelines for entering:

1. Challenges will be bi-weekly.

2. Any photos submitted must be taken by you--the person participating. If you are IN the photo, it must be a self portrait (tripods are great for this!--actually, they are necessary!).

3. New Challenges will be posted on Fridays; deadline for posting is the following THURSDAY 9 p.m. EST. Late entries are fine, but won't be included in the selection process.

4. The poll will be posted on the Friday (or Thursday after the 9 p.m. deadline), and voting will end on Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST. The winner(s) will be announced on Monday.

5. ENTRIES: All entries need a link to JUST the entry, not to your entire blog. The link /permalink to the entry--NOT your entire blog--should then be posted in the comments section of the Challenge announcement. This will guide folks back to view your entry (and give your blog some exposure).

6. Entries in your blog must indicate in the subject that it IS an entry for the challenge. ALL entries must be new posts--for the purpose of entering the challenge. Please don't link to an old entry in your blog...if you want to re-post a photo for an entry, make it a new entry with reference to (and a link to) the Challenge. Remember--if you are placing more than one photo in the entry, the top/first photo will be the one that counts, so place them accordingly.

7. IMPORTANT: All entrants into the challenge grant permission to the Challenge owners to post their images in the event they win. No further permissions will be requested and the only use of these images will be to display them as winners.

To all photographers...we want this challenge to be fun AND educational. Please stretch your skills and add to your bag of tricks for your entries. From time to time, we'll write about some new (and timeworn) techniques for your enlightenment. We also welcome write to Marie ( and Vicki ( with your comments and suggestions.

Look for the first challenge in our new home SOON!

To find your permalink--this is a bit different now:
Just click on the heading of the entry in your blog and you'll get a window that is JUST that entry...copy the URL from the browser address window at the top of your screen. Paste this into your comment on the Challenge entry (this part hasn't changed).


BosieLadie said...

Thanks for posting a link to the new place!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Marie! Is this your new site what with AOL shutting down? Thanks for the email....

Helen said...

Thanks for the invite Marie. I will join in whenever I am physically able to join. Back surgery coming up on Oct 7th. Right in the middle of transfering files into new blogs, I may not be able to do even that. Hugs, Helen

Vicki ~ FL said...

Thanks for posting info on the guidelines (I'm new to blogging)

Hope I did this right!?!