Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rule Of Thirds-Winner


Vicki 's Secret Garden is our winner. Non of the team members were involved with this contest. That is why I had everyone send me their images & votes. Thank you all who participated & voted!
We will still post helpful photography tips, so you may still get alerts from the challenge blog.

Check out our future topics on the sidebar.

Enjoy your summer & take plenty of pics.

Congratulations Vicki!

Here is a helpful link on Composition.

Friday, June 12, 2009



Rule of Thirds

This contest is The Rule Of Thirds. Above is an example of a photo applying The Rule of Thirds. Below are the images that we are voting on. Remember to not only keep in mind the challenge theme, but also the quality, composition & impact.
E-mail your vote to me @
from now to Sunday June 14, 9PM EST
In the subject of the e-mail type- VOTE
in the email type-the number of the image.
In e-mail-#5 (just an example, there is no #5)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Just a reminder, today & tomorrow starts the "Rule Of Thirds" challenge.
Go to the original POST & read requirements before sending your image.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Future Challenges


These will be future subjects, so keep these in mind for the next few months. May was our last month of challenges. June, July & August we will take a break. I want to use this time to get out & shoot. I am not sure where I will be this summer & what access I will have to the internet, but in September we will resume challenges.
Here are our lists of future challenges.

Night Photography
Leading Lines
Golden or Magic Hour
Transportation-Cars,trucks, trains..planes,
Plain & Simple
Empty chairs

If you never did "night photography"....or do not know what the "rule of thirds" is, this is a great way to learn. Google the subject or search on for info on whatever you want to know.

Alphabet Challenge is still open & will remain open till the end of the November.
So if you have not done your name or want to try the whole Alphabet, you have about 6 months to find your letters. The entry is on the side of our Challenge blog, just scroll down, click on the image & add your link to the comment when you are completed.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Photo Contest


The subject can be of anything, but you must follow the "Rule of Thirds" You should know what this is. Google it, if you don't.

There are a few added guidelines.

1. All images will be a certain size 72 DPI 4X6(432 pixels X 288 Pixels)Try to get as close as you can, no larger.

2. No watermarks, signatures or copyrights symbols on photos.

3. To submit,you must send a copy of your image to me @ & I will add all photos to a post. Please label the subject area - Challenge Contest. Days to submit photos JUNE 10 & 11th only. We should have the voting on the 13 & 14th.

4. Our team members/judges will decide which best follow the challenge & also include good photographic qualities.(sharpness, contrast, color or B&W)
Once our team makes the final selection, we will leave it up to our community to vote on the winner.

After the contest, anyone who would like a critique on their image, let us know, Rob has volunteered to help anyone who is interested. It will be a private email sent to you.

FLOWERS Challenge

flower banner

We had a nice selection of flowers for this challenge. To visit all those who submitted flowers, please go to the original post for links to their blog.
Thanks to everyone who participated!