Sunday, June 7, 2009

Future Challenges


These will be future subjects, so keep these in mind for the next few months. May was our last month of challenges. June, July & August we will take a break. I want to use this time to get out & shoot. I am not sure where I will be this summer & what access I will have to the internet, but in September we will resume challenges.
Here are our lists of future challenges.

Night Photography
Leading Lines
Golden or Magic Hour
Transportation-Cars,trucks, trains..planes,
Plain & Simple
Empty chairs

If you never did "night photography"....or do not know what the "rule of thirds" is, this is a great way to learn. Google the subject or search on for info on whatever you want to know.

Alphabet Challenge is still open & will remain open till the end of the November.
So if you have not done your name or want to try the whole Alphabet, you have about 6 months to find your letters. The entry is on the side of our Challenge blog, just scroll down, click on the image & add your link to the comment when you are completed.


Clyde said...

Thanks to all who have made this a success and provided enjoyment, support and incentive for so many. If you get bored during the break, feel free to peruse my Flickr Photostream
Have a nice Summer :-)

Amelia said...

Looking forward to your return :)