Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge-TREE

tree challenge banner

This month's challenge is TREE or TREES, whether it is one unique tree or a small grouping, find an image that includes trees. The tree or trees should be the main subject. You can post more than one photo on your blog, but when you come back to this blog select your favorite to post on our new system.

The Challenge starts Feb.15th & ends on March 15th. Post your image on your blog & come back here & try out new system. Click on the blue button, at the bottom of the post & follow the simple directions.

At the bottom of the post you will see "ADD YOUR LINK" CLICK on that button....Fill in & lets see everyone's images on this blog.

When you click on ADD YOUR LINK you will enter the URL of your post, your name and your email. After that you will click "next" which will show images available on your post. Just select the image & your done!

Update: With this new system, it does not send us alerts when people leave their link. So I recommend you check this Challenge blog, occasionally, to see if there are any additions. Try to visit all blogs, you may find some extra photos on each post...;)