Saturday, October 18, 2008

Big Photos in Blogger Part 2 that our template is set up, we're ready to post BIG pictures.

When I have my photos in my editor, I size them so that a landscape image has a width somewhere between 750 and 850 pixels. In portrait orientation, I usually make the width between 500 - 550 pixels. Size your image as you like, then upload it to Flickr.

Bring up the image in Flickr, then in the choices above the image click All Sizes. This brings up a window with size choices across the top. Click Large.

Below the image, there are two chunks of code that can be selected. Copy the code in Option 1. Option 2 will not give you as large an image.

Return to blogger where you are entering your post. Switch from Compose to Edit HTML. Find the location in the post that you want to place the image and paste the Flickr code there. When you preview your post, you should see your BIG picture.

There's a little bit more to it if you want to arrange the text around the image. If anyone wants that code....let me know and I'll type it up.


Birgit Kalusche said...

Yes, I'm interested about arranging the text around the photo!!! Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

I have been maintaining a photo blog on Blogger since April of 2006. My blog url is
You can easily wrap text around your images IF you keep them small or medium left or right float. If you are using a wider landscape format medium image you may need to make it small in order for the text to wrap. Simply start your paragraph after the closing a tag and it will wrap. I suggest not using larger images, first they will not wrap, second, your viewers can click on the image and see a larger image in a new window.


Birgit Kalusche said...

thank you for your Info Jim, I had a look at your site and in your html-code, I tried and it works


Nancy said...

I would like to know how to make Picasa pics bigger to post.


Killara girl said...

Hi, thank you for the info. I did this when I found your site thru a search engine, but have ended up here again thru the photo challenge.

I have one question. If I store the photo on flickr, and paste an html code, will the photo be stored automatically on Picasa as well? I want to try to keep my blog free as long as possible but I'm using up my space very quickly.

MariesImages said...

I can't answer that..;)
I really don't know. I switched to photobucket to store photos, hit my limit with flickr.
I had no idea it stored on Picasa....It just might.
Hmmm I just checked out my picasa & there are a lot of images that belong to the challenge on there, not mine, but others. I don't know if picasa has a limit.
will have to check it out~