Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting Comment Alerts on Blogs PLUS

Comment Alerts on Blogs
If you are not getting comment alerts from your own blogs, you need to go to to settings/comments & make sure all info is correct for you to be getting e-mails with comment alerts.
Make sure your e-mail address is included, scroll down towards the bottom. If you make changes, make sure you save all new changes.
Hope this helps~
I will post FEEDBLITZ instructions on Photographs & Memories
How to post a subscribe feature. This is a nice feature, it make it easy for your readers to sign up for alerts to your blog.


D said...

Thanks for the all the help Marie.. you rock!

Helen said...

I think mine is finally working right now. Thanks, Marie, you are much appreciated. I have modified my alerts from Feedblitz to come in when they are posted instead of once a day. I have put the subscribe feature on my blog, thanks to Donna for the help on that. Hugs, Helen

Julie said...

Thank you. I still can't get the feed thing but now I am getting my comments by email. Yippy. Now, how do we link just one entry when we enter contests? I guess that will turn out to be easy also, right?