Thursday, October 2, 2008


There are 2 features I would like to suggest you use or don't use.

The word verification, I suggest you don't use. It can be frustrating when posting a comment & if you don't get the letters correct you have to redo. It is just an annoying feature. I don't think you really need it & it is easy to omit.

I do recommend you use the feature in the comment section of settings, where an email is sent to you so you can reject or approve any comments before it is posted on your journal.

Also, I am not sure how this "FOLLOW THIS BLOG" works, I don't think we get alerts with signing on this feature with each blog. I haven't been getting alerts yet & I don't believe I ever will. It is just a fun feature to see who is popular...Ü LOL This is a new feature, so I don't know anything about it.

I use Feedblitz for subscribers, as far as I know, it works!

I am also trying this too....

I use a different browser(NOT AOL) & I recommend you use a different one, also, if you are having any problems. I use Firefox, once you do what it says, a little orange icon appears in your browser window, all you have to do is click on it & you can subscribe to that journal. You will have to confirm when they send you an email. Try it. I think you should get emails, like alerts, to your Journals you follow/subscribe to, I have never used this feature, so I am not too sure about it.

Although I have been using Bloggers for a while, everything has changed since I first started my Blogspot Journal.

I was able to get a SUBSCRIBE feature for this blog, so remember to add your email address. You will also need to confirm your subscription when they send you an email. So if you follow through, this should work~
Let me know if you get an alert on this.

Remember to stop by here tomorrow if you don't get an alert, to view our New Challenge entry.

These are just suggestions...Happy Blogging~


Lainey Laine said...

Thanks Marie - I cant get my head round it all at the moment - I am managing to follow blogs ok on my dashboard! I will get there Im sure. Thanks so much for all the tips - Laine xxx

Lisa said...

Thanks for the tips. I get frustrated with the word verification as I usually can't decipher the letters and type them wrong.

Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

The "follow me" feature does give alerts and all in one place! Any entries made on the blogs you follow all updated on your dashboard of your blog.
I haven't had much time to check things out yet, but I did see the long list of alerts on my dashboard. I think it will be a very good feature to have, all alerts in one place, no more clogged up mailboxes! :-)

D said...

I don't like word verification either.. but I am not approving anything lol. If your email is in your profile you will get the comment alert from that email.. great feature when you have many Linda's, Marie's etc commenting. The follower button puts all the journals you visit into dashboard.. it works like an alert reader. Go to dashboard and all the blogs you follow are there with their last update :) Not a popularity thing LOL

Vicki said...

Marie...I really think we've found a lovely new home here! Now I need a lesson to set up the email alerts feature for my blog.

Julie said...

I can't get it to let me subscribe, frustrating. Thanks for all the other suggestions. I have set my blog up that way.

Helen said...

I did subscribe for this blog but I didn't get an alert for it so I went back and subscribed again and it said you have already subscribed LOL. There will be a lot of changes going on with me in the next few days because of my back surgery coming up next Tues but how do you take a picture of all that LOL. Have a nice afternoon Marie.
Hugs, Helen

gina said...

i am getting alerts from feedblitz when you make a new entry! i added this feature to my blog as well...but it doesn't look like we are alerted to comments left on our blogs??