Thursday, January 1, 2009

Something NEW!

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Something NEW

Here are all the entries for our Something NEW Challenge. Thank you everyone for joining in.
We will be going back to our Polls in the next challenge.
Hope you join in~

NOTE....Some people are having problems view the whole image. I use a different browser, Firefox or Safari to view the blogs when I cannot see the images. So try a different browser if you are having problems viewing. You can also try IE.
I made the image public on my Flickr account, so you can click on image to view.


Amelia said...

Lots of new stuff to show off!

Happy New Year.

Jeannette said...

A lovely collection of stuff Marie but I can't see it all. I clicked on it and it says on the Flickr site that it's private! Funny, it didn't do that with the last challenges' collage! Jeannette xx Happy New Year!

D said...

great pictures... lots of new things for 2009. I agree with Jeannette... couldn't get in to see the entire collage this time :(
Happy New Year!! Looking forward to what challenges 2009 holds
love ya

Julie said...

I didn't have trouble viewing the enlarged, maybe because I have joined flickr, fun shots.