Friday, January 30, 2009

FOOD Challenge



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Please read note below in RED, if you can't vote. AOL browser doesn't seem to support this poll.

Food Challenge
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Please Vote for your favorite FOOD Photo. Only ONE vote per person.
We want to thank everyone who participated, we had a nice turn out & look forward to the next challenges.

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nancy said...

i can't vote and this is what I get.(You are not identified as a human being. Turn JavaScript support on in your browser and try again.) I assuming that I am signed in bex=cause I voted before, nancy

D said...

hmmmmm getting the same thing and this is my 4th time trying to comment. GRRRRRRRR

Jeannette said...

I was rather put out last night when I tried to vote but if Donna and Nanacy will admit to not being human then I will too! I got the same message although I've voted before! Jeannette xx

Sandra said...

Help!...I`ve just found out that I`m non-human, mind you it would explain a! ;o)

Love and Hugs

Sandra xxxx

PS: will try to vote again later.

D said...

I still can't vote either... tho I was able to on other polls. Marie you may want to allow folks to leave comments on which they like, maybe? Not sure if that is the solution or not but I think I'm human.....

Vicki said...

LOL, Ladies...there is always a work-around and Marie is in the process of posting one...check back to the poll entry for more information. Funny to know there are so many non-humans out there. This would explain my fascination with Science Fiction!!!

Dannelle said...

Non-human here also. Funny food will do that to you! I vote for the Crab! Dannelle

Trees said...

I am so happy to know there are also other non humans out there looks like I am in good company, lol. I sent my vote by email to Maria.

Anonymous said...

lol ... I get the same thing .. Never happend before tho... :/

Clyde said...

Can I get a tee shirt with that message on it?