Saturday, February 18, 2012

Community Photo Challenge- Animals & Pets


Community Photo Challenge this month is "Animals" which includes Pets. Fish, birds, zoo and wild animals are all included in the challenge. Be creative, be adventurous and share your images by entering in this challenge. Challenge starts today and ends in 2 weeks(ends March 3rd)!

No rules, just a few guidelines...

1. The photo must be your image.
2. You may enter more than one photo on your blog in the same post, but only add one ENTRY to our Challenge blog.
3. Make sure your link is to your post, not to your entire blog. This way we know which images you're entering.
4. Images must be posted as a new post. PLEASE, no existing posts.
5.Please mention our challenge & include our challenge blog link to our challenge, on your entry, in case others want to join in.


sunflowerkat said...

Marie you won't believe this but I just posted an entire slide show from the Westminster Dog Show right before I read this entry. If I'd only known I'd have held SOMETHING back!


Now, I need to find just ONE more...

Maria said...

Hey, Marie! I like commenting on the others' sites but I noticed Eno didn't have a way to comment. Her Cat pic looks just like one I saw in I'll just comment was a nice pic.

Rjet33 said...

Aw man! Hate I missed this one! I had a perfect one for this one. :-P