Sunday, December 11, 2011

Community Photo Challenge- Festivities


December's challenge is to photograph a festive scene. Here is a link on Christmas Light Photography Tips . The Challenge starts today and ends Dec. 31st.
Have fun, and....
No rules, just a few guidelines...

1. The photo must be your image.
2. You may enter more than one photo on your blog in the same post, but only add one ENTRY to our Challenge blog.
3. Make sure your link is to your post, not to your entire blog. This way we know which images you're entering.
4. Images must be posted as a new post.
5.Please mention our challenge & include our challenge blog link to our challenge, on your entry, in case others want to join in.


Maria said...

Yay, I still have time!!!!! we will see...I have to finish visiting my blogging friends first! THanks, Marie again for being consistent and keeping this up. Inspirations like yours are priceless. Smiles, Maria

Rjet33 said...

you need to do another, Marie. So many of us were so busy during the holidays. I missed this one. :(