Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Upcoming Challenges...and my activity update...

Hi, all. I know I've been bad about posting and keeping up with things in our challenges and Blogger community in general so Marie thought it would be a good idea to update everyone on my personal 'challenges'. Nothing bad...it's all good, actually. Just time consuming.

Last year, I was elected President of my camera club (Monmouth Camera Club) in New Jersey. Since then, I've been working hard to make the club an exciting experience for every member...and it must be working because we're getting new members at every meeting! One thing I do is work with our events chairman to set up some great trips (Longwood Gardens, Eastern State Penitentiary, DUMBO to name a few) every month. Our February trip was something special--a photo safari to Grand Central Terminal in NYC. This trip included a list of topics for a photo contest that we ran. The photos are posted in a Facebook album and Marie agreed to judge them (THANK YOU Marie!). Well, it was a huge success, we had some very happy members, and now folks are asking for more.

The reason for all this information is that the topics we used are going to be upcoming challenges here on this blog. We're going to have challenges for:
--Vanishing Point

Check out the album of images from our club to get an idea of how the members responded to these topics:
And...be prepared for the next few challenges!

Post by Vicki :)


sunflowerkat said...

Darn it Vicki...I wish I lived just a bit closer to Monmouth. I would love to be involved in your club. It sounds great!


Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, wow! There are some nice photos there!

Cryingbear said...

Running a camera club should be challeging and also takes time! good luck!

Clyde said...

Our group went from 30 to over 300 in a year. I'm glad I'm only an event organizer. Very rewarding, but it can be demanding at times. You're doing great, don't burn out.

Red Schubox said...

I hope there would be something like this at our country.