Thursday, March 31, 2011

Community Photo Challenge - Spring

Community Photo Challenge - Spring

This is a beautiful time of year and we want to see what spring looks like in your area.  This challenge starts today and will end April 14. Come back and leave your blog link by clicking the link below.


MariesImages said...

Great job, Gina...I don't know how you got the image link...maybe a trial offer, but it works!!! ;) Yay!

gina said...

thanks, marie! :) i do belive the image is posted due to a trial offer...kinda neat, huh? ;)

MariesImages said...

YES!!! I really like the image included. ;))

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

Yay! Header and Link look great! If that's a trial version, there's always Mr. Linky, which I believe is free, though it doesn't have an image with the free version.

I may even find me a nice spring picture and join the fun!

Jeanie said...

I couldn't find anywhere to leave Eng a message so I'm saying what I think here.
This was so beautiful! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw how the dewdrop had captured images.
Wonderful photography!
Well done!

MariesImages said...

Jeanie, if you click on the image it will bring you to flickr and you can leave a comment there.

Clyde said...

Nice Entries! I tried something new from Flickr this time. I just clicked on the "Post to Blog" app and it posted it for me. I had to edit it to add the "Return to Challenge" link. Now I'll go back and make sure everything's connected. I only linked to this month's entry. Please click on previous posts to see some of the earlier entries. C. :-)

nancy said...

Boy another challeng that I am to miss. Maybe I will get in. See you soon. I did signed up in the past and apparently I didn't get it or went into spam. I did re-signed up for future notice.
Have a good week.