Monday, February 9, 2009

REMINDER* Blogger's Community Photo Challenge-HEARTS!

FUN: Blogger's Community Photo Challenge-HEARTS!


The HEART Challenge already started & ends February 12th. You still have time to join in, if you already haven't. There are 2 parts, you are welcome to do 1 or both, your choice. No Poll on this challenge, it's just for fun.

1. Take a picture of a heart.
Could be something that is in a shape of a heart or small objects making the shape of a heart, a man made heart, not human..... BUT remember is should be something that you would like to see framed in a collage, so a human heart might not work....Ü. Lighting is essential, & clarity is also important. So make sure you use a tripod, or steady your arm on something , so you don't move when you snap the picture. If you don't have enough light, use a flash or take it outside. Filtered sunlight is excellent.

2. Paint a heart, draw or sketch a heart, color a heart. Be creative.
Must be colorful, or just use color, no B&Ws on this one.
Remember, You will need to scan or photograph your heart.

Both should be posted on your Blog, like all challenges, then add your links here, in the comment section. Remember to follow the GUIDELINES

There is also an additional request.
This challenge requires an image to be 3 inches X 3 inches at 72 dpi, I am planning on doing a collage of all images & then posting it on my flickr & the challenge blog. There maybe 1 or more collages depending on the amount of entries. Then anyone that would like to snag the collages(for printing) can probably do it off of flickr, not sure. If not I will send anyone interested in the collages, a copy. So if you don't want your image snagged along with others, then don't enter in this challenge.

There are 2 challenges within this challenge. You may enter in both.

Important: All entries NEED to be 3 inches X 3 inches & @ 72 DPI
-NEEDS to be a square.

Remember to post your link in the original Challenge Entry



Clyde said...

Since I have posted several new items after the original heart, here is a new up-to-date
link that will zoom you to the pic.

Anonymous said...

some people is having problems getting to my jounral... I did change the URL maybe that's what it is... i'm not sure but here it is