Wednesday, February 25, 2009

POLL Vote on Change

WE have 3 options for a change on the challenge. Please read all three before you vote.

We can keep the challenge the same.

We can just eliminate the voting all together & also eliminate the Challenge Gallery

We can just have the same judges select 2 or 3 top images & add them into the Challenge Gallery, as the top images to represent the challenge.

Do you want to have a VOTING challenge?
Keep things the way they are
No more voting on photos
let judges decide free polls

Even though I would love to include all images on the Gallery Blog, it cannot be done. Too many enties with some challenges, plus it requires downloading images that I cannot always snag, b/c of photobucket, flickr.....It also has become time consuming, so that is out of the question.

As always I'd like to see what suggestions others have, so E-MAIL me, if you have an idea.


Amelia said...

I voted.

Anonymous said...

um.. I also voted...