Sunday, November 9, 2008

Photography Basics 101 Ü

When choosing a photo to submit to a challenge, there are some important factors to consider. The following list should help, but is by no means a complete one:

  1. FOCUS - It's important that your subject be in focus. Even the slightest blur can keep your image from being selected as a finalist. There are different ways to avoid blurring the main subject: tripods can help, using both hands to steady the camera also offers stability. My camera has two timer options so, when I'm shooting, I sometimes use the shorter timer so that I don't move the camera when I press the shutter.
  2. SIMPLICITY - Keep things simple with an uncluttered background. Clutter and backgrounds that are too 'in focus' can totally distract the viewer from your subject.
  3. CROP/COMPOSITION - The best way to compose a good photo is in the camera using the viewfinder but not the only way. Many photographers seem to be afraid to crop their photos. Keep in mind that there's an unwritten 'rule of thirds' in composition that says the best place for your subject is along an imaginary line or dot that's 1/3 of the way into the photo. The following two websites give a great explanation of the rule of thirds:
  4. HORIZONS should be straight...not crooked. Also, it's best to NEVER place your horizon line right in the center of the photo...try moving it up or down for a better composition.
  5. GET CLOSE - fill the frame with your subject. One of the best ways to avoid a cluttered background is to not have a background. We've all seen lovely flower shots where the entire frame is filled with the flower...try that technique.
  6. LEADING LINES can be used to draw the viewer into your image. A country path through the woods leads the viewer into the woods. A fence line can lead the viewer into a pastoral scene. Some tips are available at the following:

There are more to consider:
  • Contrast
  • Patterns
  • Balance
  • Framing
  • Create Depth

More to follow~
Vicki has found some really useful links which I will post on the sidebar. So take advantage of all these great sites for additional information on Photography.

THANK YOU, VICKI, for all your help. Ü


Jeannette said...

Thanks for the tips Marie. Even when you know them it's nice to be refreshed on them. Sometimes when taking photos it's too easy to forget the golden rules! Jeannette xx

Clyde said...

Thanks for the tips and links. Some things that used to come naturally escape us as we lose brain cells. The first hundred years are the hardest.

Lainey Laine said...

Thanks for the tips and links - Im useless at it. One day I might feel I can join in your community. Laine xxx

gina said...

wonderful tips and links that will help us all become better photographers. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! I don't mind if I win or not. I just like having a small project to do. :) It's fun taking and posting the photos!

Nancy said...

Those are very important tips...thanks!


Jeanie said...

Very useful and interesting tips Marie. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything. I hope to be able to pay attention to them when I next take photographs.
Jeanie xx