Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Community Photo Challenge- Tulips


April's challenge starts today and ends April 30th. If you don't have tulips, you may substitute a flower you have. If you have any questions, just post in the comment section.
All are welcome to join in!!

No rules, just a few guidelines...

1. The photo must be your image.
2. You may enter more than one photo on your blog in the same post, but only add one ENTRY to our Challenge blog.
3. Make sure your link is to your post, not to your entire blog. This way we know which images you're entering.
4. Images must be posted as a new post. PLEASE, no existing posts.
5.Please mention our challenge & include our challenge blog link to our challenge, on your entry, in case others want to join in.
6. To enter, click on blue link["Add your link"]button at bottom left side of this post


Clyde said...

Great. All my tulips are gone, but I got some good photos when they were here.

Maria said...

I like to tiptoe thru the tulips!!! Smiles!

REGINA said...

thank you to those who stopped by my journal and left a comment. it is difficult to respond to you via blogger, unlike fb. so thanks. and best wishes to all who enter the contest.

Rjet33 said...

Go with my last entry. Sorry, didn't realize Google had changed the way we do things. Took me a minute to figure it out and I can't seem to be able to delete the wrong one.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed looking at all the photos posted in the Tulip challenge. What fun!
Also, thanks to all of you who left thoughtful comments on my blog photos.
I love photographic expression. It's a never end adventure.
Cheers to all!

REGINA said...

new at this....where do you post the winner? i found the new challenge. but no info on the old challenge for april.....i hate being the newbie lol.