Monday, February 21, 2011

Community Photo Challenge-STORMS


We are looking for Storms which includes stormy skies, snow storms, ice storms, lightening storms....also, the after effects of a storm.

We will have 2 different Challenges this month. You may join in on both or select one. Because it's a double challenge, we will have two weeks to post.
They will both start today and on March 7th.

Each Challenge will have it's own post, so make sure you enter the image that belongs to the challenge. Post you image on your Blog, come back here and click on the blue button on the bottom of this post to enter your image.


sunflowerkat said...

Looks like this could end up being an archive challenge. Great opportunity to dig out some old favorites.

desertsandbeyond said...

This is my first visit and first link. We just had a major rain/snowstorm move through the desert here this weekend! Hubby and I drove out to Joshua Tree National Park to see the joshua trees covered with snow! Link added.
~~Cheryl Ann~~