Thursday, December 9, 2010

Community Photo Challenge-Lights!


This month's photo challenge is LIGHTS! We have beautiful holiday lights all around us. You can venture out and capture city lights or even towns lit up at night. You can use anything, it's not just holiday lights.
The Challenge starts today, and ends on Dec. 23, 2010. You have 2 weeks to post.
Remember you have to post your image on your blog, come back here and click on blue button on the bottom of this post. SELECT your image, NOT your profile image, the image you are submitting for the challenge. Follow the EASY directions.
Voting will start on Dec. 23th(only one week to vote)

Try to link to this challenge on your blog post.
Have fun!


nancy said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Marie and What a great challenge. I guess I am in..

Ellen said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I missed it... It would really help if I check this email addy more often than I do! Darn...

It's going to be a hard choice for voting.....

Merry Christmas

sunflowerkat said...

Marie - Somehow I didn't get an alert on this when you originally posted. I'm sorry...if I'd known I would have participated.

MariesImages said...

We will have another one soon. ;) Any suggestions on the next challenge??

I've been busy, and used a photo from last Christmas.

I really wanted to go out to LI, to get some Montauk shots at sundown...Now it's too cold.

Clyde said...

Guilty :-( If I spent more time checking my email for blog alerts and inheritance winnings instead of facebooking and photoshopping, I'd have caught it. Senior moments are coming closer together nowadays. I hope all my AOL buddettes have a great holiday. The last seven years have been a great experience.

MariesImages said...

inheritance winnings??
OMG! Too funny...
Yeah...senior moments are contagious..;/
Kat didn't get an alert either.

Merry Christmas Clyde!

one of your buddettes

Maria said...

Hi, Marie! For some reason I can't see the entries....but I visited some of the entrants by accident so I know they are here somewhere! Smiles.