Monday, November 16, 2009

Community Photo Challenge-Leading Lines!

leading lines banner

Marie 2009

Our new challenge,
LEADING LINES, starts today & ends on Dec. 15th . There are many lines to look for when shooting your images....Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curves & "S" curve....even converging lines.
Some examples can be found here;

Stone Barns
Marie 2006

The use of Leading Lines in your photographs can have a very powerful effect.
• They can create depth and perspective to an image.
• They can convey distance and provide a relationship between the foreground and background of the image.
• They draw the eyes into a picture, leading them through a scene or directing them to an area in the image that the viewer would otherwise not have noticed.
[above taken from]

Marie 2007

You have a month to post your image on your blog, come back to this entry & leave your link/URL in the comment section. Remember to mention the challenge in your blog, makes it easy for others to find your image. Try to leave a direct link to the post.

Make sure you visit all the entries in the last challenge. We really had some beautiful autumn color this year & everyone had success in showing off their autumn!


MariesImages said...

Here's my Leading Lines

Carolyn Ford said...

Here are my "Leading Lines."

Jeannette said...

I'll try to find one, I've got less than a week to do this! Jeannette xx

nancy said...

This is an interesting challenge. I will look around. Enjoy you Thanksgiving. Nancy

Vicki said...

Ok, fellow photographers, here are my samples. I hate to say it, but this was an easy one for me...but all these photos were taken within the past 6 months--I didn't even have to go digging into my archives. :)
Visions by Vicki: Leading Lines

Julie said...

great subject. Here is my


Sherrie said...

I have my Leading Lines posted at my place, Sherrie's Stuff. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

_rRose said...

Hello -

"Leading Lines" Posted...


Enjoy Splendid Holidays!

sunflowerkat said...

I'm sneaking in right under the deadline. I had planned to get out and take some new images....but it didn't happen. I hope you enjoy these pictures from my archives.

Killara girl said...

I waited too, but I couldn't choose. Here's one.....