Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Help Wanted....

As mentioned in the previous post, I am going to a photography workshop that I'm very excited about. I'll write a bit more about that next.

Before I go and generate countless new files, I'm trying to get through some overdue editing I'd like to get done.

I LOVE concert photography and take every opportunity I can get to photograph musicians. But, the ever changing light and color makes concert venues especially challenging. I usually try to find the most accommodating settings for the conditions to capture the maximum number of images. But, there are invariably images that need a lot of work with color cast and extreme shadows and highlights, and I'll admit...many are not salvagable.

The photo I'm posting is an example of the type of image I'm trying to rescue. I was wondering if anyone out there with some photoshop expertise could advise me on how to improve this type of photo. I'm not looking for all the concert ambiance to be eliminated, but I would like to bring out a little of the natural color in the skin tone and for the resulting image to be less monochromatic.

Knowledge of photo editing software is part and parcel of high quality digital imaging. Yes, ideally we'd all like the perfect image to come right out of the camera. But, we have the tools, I'd like to better know how to use them.



Julie said...

I don't have the skill but will be anxious to read the tips when you get them. Good topic.

D said...

great topic. I don't use photoshop.. hell I don't even have it. I have paint shop pro to make my tags but I'd not even attempt this one. LOL Most effects change the entire shot and bright/contrast would be no help I'm afraid.

Vicki said...

Kat, I have a method for taking away color cast, but for some reason it doesn't work on this one. I guess it only works on old photos that develop the cast due to age. I'll keep trying and post results if I have any success.

MariesImages said...

I love the red color on this photo.
What I would do is shoot in RAW & use Camera Raw to fine tune it.
I have been shooting some theatre images recently
HELLO DOLLY!Both were difficult, & yes, there were plenty I had to delete.
Some did come out good enough that a small local paper used some of my "Hello Dolly" shots. Ü
Even though I rarely shoot with ISO 1600, I had to with the stage shots.
Kat, do you shoot in RAW?

Connie said...

I played around with it in PhotoShop Elements and will send results.

Clyde said...

This kept trying to get my attention so I decided to give it a shot. I posted it in my Challenge Entries Blog for now. You can check it out here or here > http://clydesentries.blogspot.com/2009/04/retouched-with-paintshop-pro.html