Thursday, December 4, 2008

Community Photo Challenge-The Festival Of Lights!


This Challenge is...The Festival of Lights! It can be anything representing Hanukah. Menorah, dreidel, Star of David... it can be family gathered around the lighting of the Menorah...ANYTHING, just no moving photos or slideshows.
Starting Tonight , Dec. 4th & ends Thursday, Dec. 11 please post an image on your blog, come back here & leave your link.

Of course, If you don't celebrate Hanukah, you may post something that represents your holiday in lights!

We hope you all enjoy this challenge & join in~


Nancy said...

This is nice...


Eaglesbrother said...

Here is my entry for "The Festival of Lights"

I know this in not a Hanukah photograph and I don't consider it a christmas one either, although the title is "Christmas Lights"
I consider it as part of the "Festival of Lights" for this season.

I tried to do the link thing...didn't work for me...please excuse.


Eaglesbrother said...

Sorry..put the wrong link in ..
Here is the Right One below for "Festival of Lights".