Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge-Close-ups

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Macro is Close-up Photography

In this Challenge we are looking for Close-up or Macro images.
It is capturing something, usually small, at a close range, & seeing things at a different viewpoint. You can use a macro lens, macro settings...or just get as close as you can, but make sure your subject is in focus.
The challenge starts today & ends on Thursday, Feb. 12th @ 9PM EST. Please remember to follow the GUIDELINES. Poll will start on Friday, 13th.

It is important that your image be in focus, have good lighting, & good composition, also color should not be washed out, unless you want that look.

Here are a few websites that show some examples of close-ups:
Close-Up photography
Adventures in Close-Up Photography
Close-Up Photography Basics


MariesImages said...

Here's my

Clyde said...

I guess this will be my
close up.

Clyde said...

Well, I tried. Maybe this will work -

Julie said...

Here's my close up.

nancy said...

hope this work here is my close-up.NANCY

Eaglesbrother said...

Here is my entry for the Macro/Close Up photo contest.

I hope this works.


Anonymous said...

I've posted an entry here...

sunflowerkat said...

Well...I thought I was leaving an active link. Guess not. Here's my post.

Anonymous said...

Click the link above to view my close-up.


Carol Patterson said...
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Anonymous said...

Trying this again with an active link....but just in case:

Vicki said...

This one is absolutely perfect timing! Here's my entry with a few extra for good measure. :)

Elisabeth said...

You folks made me work with this challenge. Used my macro lens for the first time in ages.

Rose said...

Here is my entry.
Rose's Entry Macros